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  • Pesach @ Chabad 4/10 Community Seder Monday 8 PM Join us for a fun, meaningful Pesach Community Seder, Holiday Services,.. Read More
  • Purim 5777CLICK FOR VIDEO
  • Purim @ Chabad March 11 , 8:00 pm - March 12, 6:00 PM Saturday Night 8:00 PM 3/11 the Rogers Park Band of Chicago Open Bar and Food! $30 rsvp

    Purim Meal Farbrengen Sunday 3/12 6:00 PM $18 RSVP or call chabad .

  • JLI Torah StudiesEnrich your week with a dose of thought-provoking Jewish learning. Read More
  • Synagogue ServicesA community that prays together stays together. Join us for shabbat and holiday services in a warm, friendly environment Followed by Gourmet Kiddush Lunch Read More
  • Kids ZoneCheck out the "Kids Zone" featuring fascinating and engaging games, activities, stories and more on Jewish holidays and other Jewish topics, geared towards children.
  • The Stranger Who Saved Me From Fainting on the Subway“I think I am going to faint,” I say nervously to no one in particular. Read More
  • Hi, I’m Pharaoh and I’m an AddictI’m Pharaoh. I’m an ego addict. But then, there isn’t a human being on this planet that doesn’t... Read More
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